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Women's Tools

We have compiled a list of resources and events, that is, tools
of interest to pioneering women in telecommunications,
in education, and other fields of endeavor. More to come.
We welcome your e-mail submissions.

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Note: all of the following links are external

For protest information, visit Voters Telecommunications Watch.

For an overall view of legislation, Highlights Of Telecommunications Legislation

Internet Resources for Women

Herspace--Downtown Digital's site designed as a starting point for women on the web

Womens Wire on the Web--an interactive magazine focused on women's interests, including daily news about women, statistics, quotes from newsmakers and links to other women-oriented sites

Feminist Majority Foundation--excellent news and commentary,
plus many links to most resources on the net for women.

Internet Resources for the Feminist Activist

FeMiNa Directory--a directory by and for women

Women Leaders On-Line

Women in Technology

Women's Business Directories

The Progress Women's Quarterly--a feminist, humanist magazine
of critical thinking, dedicated to fostering collectie responsibility for positive social change

Women and Computer Science

Women on the Web--an article from Computer-Mediated Communications Magazine

Women on the Web Women's National Book Association--on women in publishing lending support, offering the exchange of ideas and information Women's Books Online --women's reviews of books by and for women

Women's Equality Gopher Server

League of Women Voters

Resources for Women's Legal and Public Policy Information

Women's Political Progress--from the National Women's Political Caucus


Table of Contents: | Main | Quotables | Health | Sexuality | Tools | WIT | Letters |

Table of Contents