Women in Telecommunications

(WIT) was the first all-women's conference on Echo,
New York 's premiere online community. Established in
1989, to date it has over 300 concurrent topics of discussion
on a broad range of subjects including women's health,
herstory, parenting, relationships, career, money mangement,
sex, sexuality, women in technology, power, politics, and
pop culture, plus the changing role of women in society, the
future of family, the hope, the wisdom and the collective
voice of women, and much more. >>>>

The World Wide Web

offers the opportunity of expanding WIT's borders
beyond Echo with recommended resources available
online and in print in the areas of women's health, sexuality,
telecommunications, education and career. Favored quotes
both by and for women are to be found here, as well as
links to home pages of WIT women on Echo. <<<<

Listed below are links to four topics areas:

    Quotables (quotes by and for women)

    Health (women's health and health-related resources )

    Sexuality (resources about & contemplations of sex and sexuality)

    Tools (tools for a better future: education, telecommunications, etc.)

    WIT (home pages of WIT women)

For further information on the WIT (Women in Telecommunications) conference please contact
Echo Communications Group, Inc., at or

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